Over 100 years of combined experience in corporate, partnership, individual, trusts and estate tax issues.


The professional tax experts at Holben Hay Lake Balzer CPAs go beyond the financial statements and provide you with the informed guidance it takes to help you find the best solutions to achieve your vision—helping to establish our reputation as one of Colorado’s premier service providers.



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Our staff of experienced bookkeepers and tax professionals provide accuracy, thoroughness and a proactive approach to really understanding the nature of your affairs. Through our extensive knowledge and experience of working with closely held companies, as well as sophisticated companies with complex issues, we have structured our business to help your business reach new heights. Read More...




Our audit approach is tailored to addressing the specific risks of each client, and emphasizes working with management and the majority shareholders to develop a tax plan that not only takes current tax compliance issues into account, but also looks into the future to build the best results. Read More...